READ ME: We recommend you ONLY use this when NO WORK has been done on the task yet. We highly suggest that you provide feedback for when work is done on a task as this is one way for us to improve our service and be the best at what we do :)

There are times you'll find tasks that you might probably need to take off your list for now, either not a Priority or just something you decide you no longer need done.

We do not want you to DELETE them as it might be something you need to do in the future so we prefer you keep them on your records. You can instead just tag them COMPLETE without having to add feedback since there was no actual work done.

This feature is useful for any of the ff. reasons:

1. You decide this task is not needed at this time and something is of Higher Priority
2. Task was unecessary and so you'd like it deleted from your queue

3. In relation to #1, you are not certain when will the task be needed and so putting it on QUEUED where it automatically reopens may not be a good option so you instead have to CLOSE it for the time being.

It could call under any of the ff reasons, you now have the option to tag it COMPLETE without rating.


From your ACTIVE and QUEUED task list, tick the checkbox of the chosen task

Then options below the task list would show and you have to choose "MARK COMPLETE"

The COMPLETE TASK window would then show up. You'll notice just below "RATE & COMPLETE TASK" there a link below that says "COMPLETE TASK (No Rating) Click it! This is what you want to choose to close the task without having to add comments/feedback.