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Are There Limits To "Unlimited"?

When signing up to concierge there are some reasonable rules around our offering of Unlimited Tasks.

Ultimately, we believe in being fair with our clients as long as you are fair with us.

Be sure to fully read and understand the Fair Use Policy and the Terms of Service before signing up about how our services are to be utilised.

Familiarise yourself on what isn't considered a task.

What About The Active Task Limit, What's That About??

Every plan has an Active Task Limit, this is how many tasks that you can have us working on at any one time.

If you have 10 tasks you want worked on, but your Active Task Limit is 1 task, then that means 1 Task will go into the Active Queue to be worked on by a Hero.

While the other 9 will go into your own personal account Queue, and wait for your Active Task to be marked as complete before dropping the next one in to our Active Task Queues for heroes to work on.

This allows all clients to have a fair access to our Team.

How Do I Increase The Number of Active Tasks I Have?


If you'd like to increase the number of Active Tasks, you have 2 choices.

1. Upgrade your plan to a higher plan with a higher limit.

2. Purchase a Priority Pass on either an Active or Queued Task, these aren't counted to your Active Task limit.

Therefore you could have 3 Tasks Active, even if your limit was only 1, by purchasing 2 Priority Passes.

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