When signing up to concierge there are some reasonable rules around our offering of Unlimited Tasks.

Ultimately, we believe in being fair with our clients as long as you are fair with us.

Be sure to fully read and understand the Fair Use Policy and the Terms of Service before signing up about how our services are to be utilised.

Familiarise yourself on what isn't considered a task.

What Happens If I Exceed The Fair Use Policy?

If our fair use policy is triggered by excessive tasks in a short period of time, we'll simply reach out and let you know that we've had to lower the priority of your tasks due to excessive tasks. We'll still get to them, they'll just be further down the queue for being allocated resources and time.

This limit will remain until your next billing period for these tasks and any additional tasks you submit during this billing cycle.

At the end of this billing period your priority will be reset again to the normal priority for all new tasks submitted.

Tips To Avoid Exceeding The Fair Use Policy

  • Where possible avoid submitting more than 3 tasks at the same time on the same day (eg. 40 tasks on one day - will trigger fair use policy)
  • If a task doesn't need to be done right away, let us know when you submit the task
  • Break up your more complex requests into separate tasks that you send over a few days or weeks
  • If you think what you are about to send in will trigger the fair use policy - it probably is - but feel free to ask.