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Setting up the Zapier Integration

Zapier is a free tool that allows other applications to interact with each other. It acts like a middleman that can automate tasks between multiple separate systems.

Using the Automation Agency Zapier integration you can allow other systems to interact with Automation Agency's task system. This makes it possible to streamline and/or automate requesting tasks, synchronize project management tools, and more possible.

Here are some things you can do:

  • Send a task to Automation Agency from your Project Management tool such as Asana, Trello etc... when a tag is added or a task is created in a specific list/workspace.
  • Send one or more tasks to Automation Agency from a web form every time a new testimonial is submitted.
  • Set up a Web Form for clients to complete that on submission requests a task or multiple tasks for Automation Agency to complete for your clients. (requires Agency SCALE account)
  • Request a task to Automation Agency every time a new file is added to a Google Drive folder.
  • Create a task in your Project Management tool, or a row in a spreadsheet whenever a task is created in Automation Agency's system to make tracking Automation Agency tasks along with your other tasks easier and all in one place.

How does Zapier work?

In Zapier, you create customizable "Zaps" with no coding required. A Zap is a specific link between two or more services you've connected on Zapier. For example, When a task is created in Automation Agency's system, create a new task in Asana.

Do I need the Zapier integration for you to build Zaps for my company?

Zapier is a supported platform of Automation Agency, what this means is you can send in Unlimited tasks requesting we set up, troubleshoot, and edit Zapier Zaps in your own Zapier account. This is a standard Automation task available no matter which plan you are on.

The Zapier Integration discussed in this article is ONLY required if you wish to include Automation Agency's task management system triggers & actions as part of your zaps. This is typically used by Agencies and Advanced users.

Do I need to pay for Zapier?

Zapier includes a generous Free plan that will work with Automation Agency's Zapier integration.

If you wish to automate a lot of things, create multiple-step zaps, or make use of Premium platforms such as SalesForce & Xero in your zaps this will require a paid account. This is paid directly to Zapier and Automation Agency receives no fee for this.

How to set up the Zapier Integration

To set up our Zapier integration you will need 2 things...

  1. A Concierge membership plan that includes the Zapier Integration feature
  2. A Zapier account for your company (free or paid)

If you have those 2 things then you are good to proceed :)

Step 1. Go to the Settings Menu inside your Automation Agency account you wish to integrate into Zapier

Step 2. Click on Activate on the Zapier Integration

Step 3. Once the integration has been activated (usually takes a few seconds) it should now say "Learn How" rather than "Activate"

Step 4. Click on Learn How to bring up the Zapier Integration details and your unique authentication key

Step 5. Click on "Add To Your Zapier"

Step 6. This will bring you to this page (see below), to install the Automation Agency integration into your Zapier account

Step 7. Click on "Accept Invite & Build Zap"

You may need to log in to Zapier if not already, and once it's completed successfully you will be on the Zapier Dashboard.

Step 8. Click on My Apps

Step 9. Click the "Add Connection" button

Step 10. Type "Automation Agency" in the search box, and click on the Automation Agency application

NOTE: If you can’t find "Automation Agency" in Zapier My APPS Dashboard, click on Zaps>> then click Create 

On the window pop-up, type Automation Agency

Step 11. You will now see a popup screen that asks for your authentication key.

To find this key, go back to the Automation Agency portal and copy in the unique key found here, this is your unique key that links directly to your Automation Agency account so that Zapier knows which Account to request tasks in and to monitor for Task Triggers.

Step 12. Once connected. You can now start creating Zaps that utilise Automation Agency as either the trigger or the actions. To do this from the Zapier screen click on Create Zap and set Automation either as a Trigger or an Action.

What Triggers Are Available?

What Actions Are Available?

Got suggestions for more Triggers and Actions? Contact us


I can't find Automation Agency in the options of platforms to connect.

You'll find a helpful way to search for Automation Agency as added on Step 10. If it still doesn't show up, first, log out of your Zapier account and then log back in and see if it now shows up.

Secondly, send an email to contact@zapier.com explaining you have accepted the private invite from Automation Agency but it is not displaying in your account.

If neither of the above resolve the issue please contact us.

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