To set up our Zapier integration you will need 2 things...

  1. A Concierge membership plan that includes the Zapier Integration
  2. A Zapier account for your company

If you have those 2 things then you are good to proceed :)

Step 1. Go to the Settings Menu inside your Automation Agency account you wish to integrate to Zapier

Step 2. Click on Activate on the Zapier Integration

Step 3. Once the integration has been activated (usually takes a few seconds) it should now say "Learn How" rather than "Activate"

Step 4. Click on Learn How to bring up the Zapier Integration details and your unique authentication key

Step 5. Click on "Add To Your Zapier"

Step 6. This will bring you to this page (see below), to install the Automation Agency integration into your Zapier account

Step 7. Click on "Accept Invite & Build Zap"

You may need to log in to Zapier if not already, and once it's completed successfully you will be on the Zapier Dashboard.

Step 8. Click on My Apps

Step 9. In the top search box that says "Connect a new account" type "Automation Agency" and select the Automation Agency app

Step 10. On the popup screen that asks for your authentication key. Copy in the Key found here, this is your unique key that actions performed by Zapier are done in your account.

Step 11. Once connected. You can now start creating Zaps that utilise Automation Agency as either the trigger or the actions.

What Triggers Are Available?

What Actions Are Available?