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What Should I Expect Once I Submit A Task Request

We are big on communication, so we do a number of communication touch points.

Communication #1 - We'll Confirm We Got It

The first communication you should receive is an automated email to say we got it. If you don't get this, then something went wrong and we didn't get the email into our system.

We also use this Confirmation Email as a way to provide notifications of important information like when we under a High Demand and you may expect delays.

Communication #2 - First Response

After the automated confirmation the next communication will be from our first responder, this may be the dispatcher notifying you of who we've assigned your task to, or it may be the hero themselves providing you the first response.

Communication #3 - Hero Review

The assigned hero will review your task and let you know 1 of 4 things...

1. We'll get on and do it and be in touch when its done.

This is happens the most - especially once you've gotten used to sending us the right information. Simply put if we can do what you want and you've given us everything we need to do it then the first time you hear back will be us letting you know it's been done.

2. We'll ask for more information.

Sometimes what you send in won't be entirely clear or maybe we just have a question or two to clarify before we get started. When this happens we'll reply back and ask for some more information to help us.

3. We'll let you know that it's not something we can do.

Unfortunately we can't do everything imaginable, and occasionally you might ask for some help with a tool that's not on our supported platform list or that is outside of our expertise or services. 

When that happens we'll simply let you know that we can't assist with this task and try our best to point you in the right direction of someone who can or what you need to provide us so that we can help you.

4. We'll let you know it's a custom design task or project.

Concierge does a lot of things, but there are limits to what concierge can handle and that's why we also offer custom design tasks and projects. 

Occasionally your task might really be more like a project, and the team will let you know and arrange for you to have a chat with a strategist to see if/how we could help you get it done.

Communication #4 - Updates On The Task

Your hero will do their best to keep you updated and communicate throughout the process with how you task is progressing or any additional clarifications or information we need to complete your task as fast as possible.

Communication #5 - Resolved

Once the hero working on your task feels it's been resolved we'll update the status in our system and you'll receive an automated notification to say it's been completed and you'll have the opportunity to rate your experience on this task.

So now you know what to expect, why not send in a task :)

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