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Types Of Tasks

Types of Tasks

What is the 'Active Task Limit' and How Does It Affect Me?

Your 'Active Task Limit' is how many tasks you can have Active at the same time as part of your subscription.

Once your Active Task Limit is reached all additional tasks are Queued waiting for one of your current Active Tasks to be completed.

After an Active Task has been Marked as Complete if there are tasks in your Queue the next task in your Queue becomes Active.

Tasks Not Counted Towards the Active Task Limit
A task in our system won't be counted in your number of Active Tasks if it's one of the following:
  • Priority - When you upgrade a task by purchasing a Priority Pass
  • Pro-Active tasks- when we proactively reach out and communicate with you about your account needs 


Q: Can I increase my Active Task Limit?

A: Yes, your limit is based on the plan level you are on. However if you are already on our maximum limit of 3 tasks then you can also exceed your limit by purchasing priority passes on queued tasks to make them become active.

Q: Is the Active Task Limit an entire account limit or just for me and my user?

A The Active Task limit applies to your entire account, so no matter who sends in the task once your account has reached it's limit any additional tasks will be queued.

Q: If my Limit is 1 task can I have in 3 tasks worked on, 1 for Design, 1 for Web and 1 for Automation?

A: Active Task limits apply to your entire account. So if your limit is 1 task at a time, it means once you have a task in with a team it needs to be completed before a task for another team can begin. If you would like 3 tasks worked on at a time we recommend you upgrade to the next plan up.

Q: Can I manage and re-prioritise my Queued Tasks online?

A: Yes, you can manage this from the web portal. Learn more here

Q: Can I swap a Queued and an Active Task?

A: If a task has been started, then it must remain active. If however you have a task that hasn't been started and wish to swap with a queued task this can be done on request. Alternatively purchase a priority pass for the Queued task and have them both being worked on.

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