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How to use a Pre-Paid Priority Pass

A Priority Pass is an upgrade to a task that signifies to us that a task is urgent or a high priority and ensures it's worked on sooner.
Learn more about Priority Passes here

A Pre-Paid Priority Pass is when your account has an existing balance of Priority Passes that were pre purchased by the account owner, or credited to your account by management.

These work just like regular priority passes, except rather than charging your credit card on approval it deducts the priority pass from your prepaid priority pass balance.

How do you apply a Pre-Paid Priority Pass when creating a new task:

1. From the HomePage, click the "Create" button

2. On the New Task Request page, just below the Task Explanation section, you'd see the "use free priority pass" tick box which you just need to tick and put a check mark on to get your task to Priority.

3. Once your task is all set, you can now click "Send request".

4. The task then gets to your Active List right on with the "Priority" tag. This should not count within your Plan Active Task Limit.

NOTE: To see how many credits of Priority Pass you do have on your account, you can simply put your cursor on the "?" icon found just beside "use free priority pass" option.

How do you apply a Pre-Paid Priority Pass to an Existing Task:

1. From the Task Details page, click the Priority Pass Upgrade

2. Click Approve

3. Your Task is now upgraded to Priority

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