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Best Ways To Explain Your Tasks

Our ability to work quickly and achieve your desired result is highly dependant on how well we understand the task and what's required.

Here's some tips to ensure that your tasks requests are crystal clear.

Follow These Golden Rules.

  1. Provide any written instructions in the task request rather than in a separate document attachment
  2. Keep it casual and conversational just like you're talking to us... because you are :-) 
  3. Provide any information we need (previous task ref #'s, logins, urls, attachments) because our heroes can't read minds (yet!)

Provide Us Information In A Logical Sequence like...
  • Here's what I want to do...
  • Here's the context of why I want to do this...
  • Here's the supporting materials you'll need and what you'll need them for...
  • Oh and I just have a question about...
  • If it's not clear let me know...

Use Bullet Points

The more bullet points the easier it is to read and follow.

If you have a long written description, provide a bullet point summary (think of it almost like a checklist)

If you're a bullet point thinker then just post the bullets and don't worry about the long descriptions.

Use Video Recordings

Use a screen recording tool to walk through visually and describe verbally the task required or the issue you are experiencing, then upload it to a streaming video platform that provides you with a shareable link.

Paste this link along with any further details in the body of the email when submitting your new task.

Recommended screen recording tools:

PRO TIP: Keep your video's short (under 7 mins if possible) and when providing video instructions it's always a good idea to provide a bullet point summary of the most important points (the things you don't want us to miss) in your written request as well so the hero doesn't miss them.

For the Design Team:

It is advisable to keep it short, simple and straight to the point. Keep it under 4-5 minutes short with a bullet point summary for the most important part/s. This is to ensure that special details are not missed out or forgotten.

Draw It On Paper and Take A Photo

Want to show us how you see it flowing together or how it might be laid out? 

Why not draw it on some paper and take a quick photo and include that with your email requesting a new task.

PRO TIP: If your drawing has writing on it, type up the writing for us as well (in a doc or in the task description) when you send in the image (Reading handwriting can be really hard and slows us down!)

Take Screenshots

Take a screenshot and show us what you're referring to.

Use the built in functions of your device to take the screenshot. 

Not sure how? Follow these instructions for your device http://www.take-a-screenshot.org/ 

Other recommended tools for taking screenshots: (These allow editing like adding arrows and circles to draw attention to what you want)

Show Examples

Trying to model an idea you've seen elsewhere? show us the original that you're trying to model off.

Trying to do something that's a combination of 2 other ideas, show us the other 2 original ideas.

Especially when it comes to design work. Examples are a huge help to getting your desired result faster.

Combine all of the above with our Popular Task Wizards

Our popular task wizards were designed to reduce back & forth and ensure we collect the majority of the information we need to complete the task as quickly as possible and make the explanation crystal clear.

If you haven't yet tried our Popular Task Wizards, click here to learn more

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