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How To Request A New Task using Email

We recommend reviewing the training Breaking Your Projects Down Into Tasks before this video and article.

The S.E.E Formula

  • Summary

    This is your task subject line, make it a summary of your task outcome to make finding it easier and remembering what the task is about.

  • Explanation

    Explain your task, giving us context of WHY it's being done, WHAT the problem that needs fixing or result you're wanting is, what resources we need to do it WITH.

  • Expectations

    Always make clear your expectations to help us better meet them. Use examples (pages, screenshots, documents) we can MODEL, give a bullet point CHECKLIST of the most important elements you're expecting, and provide context on your TIMELINE so we can do our best to either communicate when it's not achievable or provide strategies to increase our chances of meeting it.

Important Points To Consider

  • Use A Different Subject Line Per Task - our system tracks each individual task by it's subject line, so if you use the same subject line as a previous task instead of opening a new task in our system it will be added to the old task conversation.

  • Be Clear With Your Instructions - as much as we try to read minds we just haven't mastered the skill. So do your best to be as clear as possible with what you're after, and use the various ways we accept instructions (See "Best Ways To Explain Your Task") to make it easier for you and us to understand.

  • Send all logins and information required - to help us minimize back and forth please provide any passwords and other information you believe will be needed to work on the task.

  • Be ready to provide clarification - sometimes we aren't 100% sure what you're asking for or need to clarify something, so keep your eyes open for our reply emails and do your best to clarify the task

  • Add the task type in your subject line - all tasks received via email are read by our Artificially Intelligent bot "Alvin" who figures out what type of task it is, he's smart but sometimes things slip through the cracks, one of the best things you can do to help him is tell him what task type it is in your subject like "WEB TASK - Summary of what I'd like done here"

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