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What Are Priority Pass Upgrades? (And When Should You Use Them)

What is a Priority Pass?

A Priority Pass is a paid for upgrade to a task that signifies to us that a task is urgent or a high priority.

When would you use a Priority Pass?

  • Last Minute Urgent Tasks
  • When you need more tasks worked on at the same time than your plan's Active Task Limit allows
  • Tasks with a specific target completion date

Do Priority Pass Tasks have a guaranteed completion time?

Unfortunately No. We would love to be able to guarantee a task completion time, however the nature of or work doesn't allow for it due to far too many variables outside of our control that impact completion times.

You can learn more about our Turnaround Times here.

Should I Use a Priority Pass on a Task That's Taking A Long Time?

We understand that sometimes a task that is taking longer than you expected, that wasn't urgent when you originally requested it, has now become a more urgent priority for you.

Keep in mind that if a task is genuinely delayed due to it's complexity, long times waiting on you or 3rd parties, or other issues not within our control then buying a priority pass may not make the task move much faster at this point.

A Priority Pass is best used earlier in your task request process to get it started on sooner when it hasn't been started yet. Such as at the time of requesting the task or if it's been sitting in your Queue and not Active yet and you want to jump start it.

With all that said there are still some benefits that may warrant considering upgrading a task to Priority when it's already mid-flight and being worked on that can help get it completed sooner.

1. It will Clearly Communicate the Urgency to the assigned Hero & Team.
When you upgrade a task to Priority, our back end system will change your tasks priority level and the date/time in which our system will consider the task overdue becomes earlier. This as well as a notification that gets sent to the assigned team clearly highlights to the hero and the team working on your task that this task has now become urgent and a high priority for you.

2. It can Keep Projects Moving by Freeing Up Queued Tasks.
Once your task has the Priority Pass applied it will longer count to your Active Task limit, this allows another task you had waiting in the queue to become active. This means you can keep your projects moving even if this particular task is more involved than you had originally expected.

How Do I Purchase A Priority Pass Upgrade? Find out here

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