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How To Share Your Passwords via LastPass

What Is Last Pass?

LastPass is a secure password storage service. You can easily save all your passwords as well as generate secure passwords and you only have to remember your one main Master Password, the "last password" you'll need to remember.

Visit www.lastpass.com to get a free account and download the software for your device.

Why Use Last Pass?

There are 3 key benefits to using LastPass with our Concierge team.

  1. Security - You have total control over if and when we have access to an account by sharing or revoking access at any one time

  2. Updates - If you change your password and update it in your lastpass account, we will immediately have your new and updated password. There will be no need to notify us that you have changed your logins.

  3. Time Saving - Without sharing your password via LastPass you will need to re-provide your password on every task over and over again. And it is recommended that you change the password after every task is complete. If you share via LastPass you don't have to do either of these things.

New to LastPass?

Start here and Review their User Manual to learn how to get started and add your logins to your LastPass account ready for sharing.

How To Share Your Passwords To Concierge via LastPass


Step 1. Log In To Your LastPass Account

Step 2. If you haven't already. Add The Account you want to provide us access to into LastPass

Step 3. Find the Account you want to share with us, hover your mouse over it and Click on Launch to test that it works and logs you in correctly.

Step 3. Once confirmed working re-find the Account you want to share with us, hover your mouse over it and Click on the Share icon

Step 4. Put concierge@automationagency.com as the email address to share to and ensure that the tickbox of "Allow Recipient to View Password" is NOT ticked.

Step 5. Click on Share

How To Revoke Access To An Account Shared to Us via LastPass

When you no longer want our team to have access to a shared password you can revoke the access from your own LastPass dashboard.

Step 1. Log in to LastPass

Step 2. Click on Sharing Center in the left hand menu

Step 3. Click on Shared with Others on the tabs across the top

Step 4. From there you can edit sharing settings or revoke access on any sites you are sharing with other lastpass users including Automation Agency

Types of Passwords we can't accept via LastPass

There are 2 types of logins that we can't accept via LastPass share (unless sharing as a Secure Note) instead we suggest sending them to us via PrivNote or a similar encrypted note service:

1. Hosting FTP Logins

2. Wordpress Admin Logins


Q: Do I need to send you my Wordpress Logins with every task if I can't share via LastPass?

A: No, you only need to share your wordpress admin logins to us once using PrivNote or a Secure Note via LastPass. We then use this login to create our own dedicated user on your site and connect it to our Management Tools. Then all future access to your site is done via our Management Tools using this dedicated user we created.

Q: I'm having problems sharing the password via LastPass what should I do?

A: If you need us to get into the platform urgently for a specific task then share a temporary password via PrivNote. Then contact LastPass Support to see if they can assist with solving the problem and allow you to share the secured password via LastPass successfully.

Q: I don't use LastPass can I share my password using a different password tool?

A: To keep our systems streamlined and avoid confusions we only work with LastPass or PrivNote encrypted notes as methods of providing us your passwords securely. If you personally use another tool you can still use it for your own use and sign up to LastPass purely to securely share your required passwords with us.

Q: Can I share a login that I protect with a 2-Factor Authentication code using LastPass?

A: Yes, but only if you have set up LastPass to be able to generate the One-Time Code within the site entry you are sharing with us. See How do I create a Time Based One-Time Passcode TOTP for Site Entries for instructions on setting this up.

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