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The Popular Task Wizard - What It Is & How It Works

Struggling to Explain It? Try A Popular Task Wizard

There are times you feel you're not as tech savvy and could not explain clearly what you want done. This kills much time with the back and forth of messages trying to figure out what and how to state your task instructions. 

Unclear explanations are the #1 cause of

  • Unnecessary back & forth to get clarification
  • Slow action due to missing information
  • What was done not matching what was really desired

… All of which slow down your task being completed and takes up more of your valuable time.

Introducing Popular Task Wizards!

To help improve your tasking experience this would be a good Step-by-Step for the most popular types of tasks we are asked to do on a regular basis.

Here’s how it works…

Step 1. They Enter portal and click on the Create Tab.

Step 2. From the Create a task Page, you'll see the Popular Task Pane at the mid right portion of the New Task Request. It would allow them to choose between specific task types. Design, Web, Automation or Security. Upon choosing the specific Task Type, the Wizard will provide a list of common tasks for you to choose what task you want done.

Want even more ideas than what's shown in the portal? Check out our Library of Popular Tasks here

Step 3. After choosing the desired task, the wizard will automatically provide for you a series of short questions to answer in order to narrow down the need and give us an exact step by step instruction of the task you are requesting for.

Step 4: Review then Send the generated task request

There are 2 primary goals with this feature.

  1. Reduce Unnecessary Back & Forth
    By getting 99% of the information we need upfront, on the most common tasks, back & forth will be reduced, speeding up a tasks completion.

    No longer should we be asking you things like “What platform do you want us to build this in?” or “What time do you want the email to go out?” and have to wait for your response before we can just get on and action your request. Not every fringe situation can be covered by a wizard, but the great news is we can always improve these wizards as we discover extra questions we need to ask.

  2. Demonstrate How You Request Other Non Common Types of Tasks
    The scope of what we can do as tasks goes far beyond these wizards.

    So to help you feel confident in communicating what you need we’ve designed the wizards in such a way that the final task request is a demonstration of how you can request other types of tasks without a wizard whenever you need.


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