Every week, month, year, or maybe even just regularly at various times throughout the year there are certain tasks you need done.

Typing it out every time can be tiring and time consuming.

Sometimes remembering to send in the task can be tricky to find the time.

That's why we created "Recurring Tasks"!

There are 2 types of Recurring Tasks available:

  1. On Demand - a saved task that you can quickly request without having to retype it over and over again
  2. Scheduled - a saved task that has been scheduled to be submitted automatically to the team at a specific recurring schedule

How to set up an ON DEMAND Recurring Task

Step 1: Click on the Recurring Task Tab from your main screen

Step 2: Click on "Create Recurring Task"

Step 3: Create the details of the Saved Task Request 

This is what will automatically be filled in whenever you choose to request this task either on demand, or on a schedule

You must provide the Task Summary, The Task Description and the Task Type

You can optionally also add Attachments to the saved task.

Step 4: Now the task is Saved in your Recurring Task list as an On Demand task.

How to Schedule a Recurring Task

Step 1: First follow the above instructions to create an On Demand Recurring Task

Step 2: Once you have a recurring task, click on the ... menu and click "Schedule"

Step 3: Specify the schedule you would like this task to be automatically created

The options you can set are:

Is this a Weekly, Monthly or Annual repeating frequency

What interval in that frequency, for example if you chose a Weekly frequency, it might be every 2 weeks on a Tuesday

Task Limit Reached
Decide what you'd like to happen if you are at your Active Task limit when the task is created

The options are...

  • Add to Bottom of Queue - the task will be added to the end of your queue and wait for all the task before it to be completed first

  • Add to Top of Queue - the task will be added to the top of your queue, making it the next task to be worked on as soon as your limit is available.

  • Always Upgrade to Priority - approve the purchase of a Priority Pass every time this task is created so this task is never queued and is treated as a priority

Step 5: Save the schedule settings and you'll now see it's scheduled

Step 6: If you need to make changes to the schedule you can click on the ... menu edit the Schedule (from the edit schedule screen you can Cancel the schedule)

To Request a Recurring Task as and when Required

Step 1: Click in Recurring Task Tab from your main screen

Step 2: Click on the Recurring Task you wish to request, and click the ... menu and click "Request Now"

Step 3: Make any changes or confirm the request is correct, then click Send Request

PRO Tip:

Copy URL from the ... menu for a recurring task can be used to make requesting a recurring task in Automation Agency a simple part of your own procedures and checklists.

Simply put this URL in the description of your process and whoever is running the checklist can click the link, log in to portal and the task is ready to be sent in.