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How To Get Similar Tasks Done Without Re-Explaining Everything Each Time

We get it, sometimes there are recurring tasks and similar tasks that you need done again and again and don't feel like explaining every little detail over and over again.

Good news, there are 2 options you can use to save you time.

1. Provide Task Ref #'s of previous tasks

If your new task is similar to a previous task we've already done, you can provide us the ref # for the previous task so your hero can review it and better understand your requirements.

This is useful for tasks like a page, or a document that you want done similar to a previously done task but isn't going to be a regular ongoing request.

2. Set this task up as a Recurring Task

If it's a task that we will literally be doing essentially the same thing over and over again as we continue our relationship together then this is exactly what the Recurring Task feature is designed for.

This can ensure it's actioned the same way every time, and you can easily request it with a simple click of a button or a a scheduled time it's automatically going to be requested.

Learn more about setting up Recurring Tasks here

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