Usually when you get started you have some specific projects you need help with, once they are complete you may start to wonder what else could I be using Automation Agency for...

Option 1: Never Send Us Another Task!

Many businesses sign up to our services purely for the wordpress security management alone, so don't feel pressured to keep coming up with new tasks all the time to justify your investment.

We are proactively protecting your websites so you can have peace of mind to know that we're keeping your business storefront online and open. Even if you didn’t send in a single task in a month you’re still getting great value for money. 

Option 2: Use us in Bursts

Since you get unlimited requests each month it’s perfectly normal to have months where you don’t have any tasks for us to do, and then a few months later you use us a lot. 

This is how most businesses use us - spread out bursts of tasks when they have specific projects throughout the year.

Option 3: Use us for Regular Recurring Tasks

While the above is all true, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also be using us to release you and your team of even more tech & design tasks :)

Here’s a list of tasks that we believe EVERY business should be doing on a regular basis that we can help you with...

  • Creating New Lead Magnets
  • Sending Content & Campaigns To Your Email List
  • Creating Images for use on Social Media
  • Publishing fresh content on your website (blog post images, publishing blogs)
  • Creating new offers and marketing campaigns (landing pages, email campaigns, online order forms, Facebook ads, Flyers etc..)
  • Reviewing currently manual processes and trying to automate them

If you’re an online COACH then you could also get us to help you with your...

  • Webinar Updates
  • Seminar Updates
  • Membership Site Updates
  • Product Launch & Other Sales Funnel Updates

Of course this is by no means a complete list and what we can do is really only limited by your imagination & our scope of What Exactly is a Task vs What's NOT A Task.

If you’re already doing all of the above and you're looking for more ideas, reach out to our Customer Success Team.