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Breaking Down Lengthy Tasks

At Automation Agency, we aim to provide efficient services for your digital needs. However, certain tasks take longer due to their complexity or the amount of work involved. In such cases, we may need to create a new task to divide them into manageable portions. Below, we've outlined some common lengthy tasks categorized by team:

Web Team:

Clients may provide a spreadsheet detailing various page links that require updates or auditing. Here are some examples of lengthy web tasks:

  1. Multiple Page Updates: Amendments or updates across different pages on a WordPress site.
  2. Comprehensive Page Audits: Extensive checking or auditing of numerous pages.
  3. Bulk Blog Post Uploads: Uploading a significant number of blog posts.
  4. General Page Overhauls: A variety of updates across multiple pages.
  5. Landing Page Development: Detailed development of landing pages which can be more extensive. More on this can be found in our Scope of Landing Page Tasks article.

Design Team:

Design tasks may vary in complexity and duration. Here are some examples of lengthy design tasks:

  1. Extended PDF Design: Designing PDFs with more than 10 pages.
  2. Multi-Dimension Social Media Graphics: Creation of social media images with varying dimensions.
  3. Logo Design Series: Creating multiple logos.
  4. Bulk Video Reel Creation: Creating 10 or more video reels.

Automation Team:

Automation tasks may involve handling large data sets or uploading substantial content, as illustrated below:

  1. Mass CRM Contact Review: Reviewing thousands of contacts within a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.
  2. Bulk Video Uploads: Uploading videos to Content Management Systems (CMS) like Kajabi or Kartra.
    (It's important to note that normally we don't support this task as it's considered a general Virtual Assistant (VA) task. However, it is subject to review on a case-by-case basis.)

Funnel Tasks:

Funnel tasks involve creating and managing multiple pages that guide visitors through a process, typically aimed at conversion. They require a coordinated effort from our Web, Design, and Automation teams to ensure seamless functionality and a consistent user experience.

  1. Funnel Creation and Management: Setting up, designing, and automating multiple pages for a conversion funnel. If there are multiple pages involved, each page might have its own separate tasks to ensure detailed attention and accurate execution.

These tasks are identified as lengthy due to the extensive work required to complete them. Our approach is to ensure that each task, regardless of its size, is handled with utmost care. Should a new task be created to accommodate additional requirements, it will have a new resolution time. Moreover, the continuation tasks will be placed at the top of the client's queue, and will be reopened once a spot for an active task becomes available, ensuring a seamless continuation of work and timely project progression.

PS: There might be tasks not identified in the list above that also require a significant amount of time to complete. The same approach of creating new tasks and managing them in the queue will be applied to ensure efficient and timely completion.

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