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Setting up the Slack Integration

To set up our slack integration you will need 2 things...

  1. A Concierge Membership Plan that includes the Slack Integration feature
  2. A Slack Account for your company

If you have those two things then you are good to proceed :)

Step 1. Go to the Settings Menu inside your Automation Agency account you wish to integrate to Slack

Step 2. Click on Activate on the Slack Integration

Step 3. When prompted log in to your Slack account, or if already logged in, click on Approve access to Install the Alvin bot user, and set up required permissions.

Step 4. Once the connection is made, it should now say "Configure" rather than "Activate"

Step 5. Click on Configure to configure the settings for notifications and linking your Automation Agency requestors to Slack Users.

Here's what each of the settings mean:

Post in Channel:
Here you can select to either post in "None" or select a specific public channel to post updates in.

Activities to Post in Channel:
If you have selected a channel, you can then select what types of notifications you would like to be posted into this channel

Daily Waiting On You Summary - is a daily notice that posts if you have any tasks sitting in "Waiting on You" or "Ready to Complete?" status.

Replies from Automation Agency - if this is selected you will see any replies from Automation Agency on your tasks and enquiries posted in this channel

Replies from Requestors - if this is selected you will receive any replies from someone at your company (including yourself) on your tasks and enquiries posted in this channel 

Marked As Complete Notification - if this is selected you will get a notification in this channel whenever anyone marks a task as complete on your account.

Link Requestors to Slack Users:

If you aren't posting to any channels then this will be required for at least one requestor.

Once an Automation Agency account requestor is linked to a specific user in Slack, they will be tagged with an @ in the channel when a reply comes on a task they submitted.

You also have the ability to specify what if any notifications each user wants to receive in their DM rather than in the public channel.

Create and Reply to Tasks by Unlinked Slack Users As:

This setting allows you to decide what happens if a slack user in your system attempts to reply or submit a task via the Slack integration with Automation Agency if they aren't linked to a Requestor in the above setting.

The default option is "Do Not Allow" which means unlinked requestors are unable to reply or create tasks.

You can however choose to specify a specific requestor user, that any communication performed in slack by another slack user will show in Automation Agency systems as being performed by that requestor.

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