Currently tasks are typically actioned within 1 to 4 business days*.

*Average turnaround time is calculated based on the time a task is in an open status with us waiting for us to action it. When we send a reply or set a task as "Waiting on Customer" or "Waiting on a 3rd Party" (such as a hosting or software company support) we don't count this waiting time in our calculation.

We try to follow a first come first served priority model, meaning tasks that were submitted yesterday take a priority over new tasks submitted today. This first model then combines with the availability of the appropriate hero (Web, Design or Automation) with the skill level to work on your task to ultimately determine when your task is actioned.

By the nature of technical tasks, there are so many variables outside of our control. Such as...

  • Time it takes for you to respond to our questions
  • Bugs with software platforms
  • Waiting for 3rd parties to provide information or answers
  • Load of tasks currently being experienced by our team

For these reasons and more it is impossible for us to guarantee a completion time on any task.

Why do some tasks I send in after an earlier task get completed first?

While our primary prioritization method is based on when the task was submitted, it does depend on which hero team your task is for and the load that that team is currently under.

For example if your first task was a Web task (usually our most in demand team) it may have more tasks ahead of yours waiting for an available hero to start work on it.

While your second task may have been a Design or Automation Task and at the time you sent it in they were in a lower demand period and could work on it almost immediately. This would likely lead to your second task being completed before your first.

What if it's urgent or a high priority?

We understand that there will be times that you need us to prioritise your tasks above the regular tasks we are handling.

That's why we offer the ability to purchase a "Priority Pass" to jump your task up our priority queue. 

Purchasing a Priority Pass Upgrade doesn't guarantee a completion time however it does guarantee a faster start on your task no matter what base subscription plan you are on (and the sooner we start the sooner we'll complete it).

Tips to speed up task completion time