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Thinking Through And Explaining The Flow Of An Automation Task

So you've written or plan to write an email series that you want your Automation tool to send out for you but you're wondering how do you best let us know how to set it up.

Let's help with that...

To see a more in depth Explanation Guide, see our Guide: Sending In A New Automated Email Series Task

Emails/Messages In A Sequence

Simply provide all the details of the email campaign inside a Word Doc and attach it to your email when submitting the task.

Information We Need:

  • Send From Name - What name is each email being sent from, is it different per email or are all the same? eg. is it "Automation Agency" or "Carl Taylor"

  • Send From Email - What email address is each email being sent from, is it different per email or are all the same? eg. support@domain.com or myname@domain.com

  • When To Send It - What is the sequence for this, is it on a specific date, before a specific date, after a specific date, is it a time period after the last step in the automation

  • Send Time (including Timezone) - What time do you want it to go out. eg. 10 am UTC+10 or Immediately

  • Plain Style or Specific Template - Do you have a prebuilt template you want us to use for this or is it a plain email style.

  • Subject Line - What is the subject line for each email

  • Any Conditions - Should this email only be sent to people with certain criteria (ie a tag) or should it go to everyone except people who match certain criteria, should it only be sent on Tuesday, or Thursday etc...

  • Email Message - Pretty obvious, provide the content of the email you want sent (or tell us if it's an existing email already in your system)

  • Images - If your email message contains images, please send through the images as well or provide the links to the images if they are hosted online

Automated Campaigns & Flows

You might be wondering do you need to give us a flow chart or explain in technical terms what should happen. You can definitely do this and it's appreciated but it's not required.

Instead think of it like this....

User Actions --> System Actions

For example. 

User Action = Someone fill in a form on a webpage

What should happen in the system when that action occurs?

System Action = user should receive these sales emails

User Action = user purchases product

System Action = user stops receiving sales emails and start receiving thanks for buying emails.

So simply in your task explanation explain be sure to let us know what the user actions are then what the corresponding system actions should be and we'll let you know if we need further detail or clarification.

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