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Breaking Down A Project Into Tasks

To see an example of a project being broken down into tasks, see our Opt-In Funnel Example

Break Projects Down Into Tasks By...

  1. Skill Set

    Each task is worked on by a single type of hero.

    There are multiple types of heroes each with their own specialities and expertise which you can learn more in our Meet Your Team article

  2. Complexity

    The more complicated a task is, the longer it takes to be completed and the higher the likelihood of instructions becoming confusing and unclear.

    We've seen this time and time again cause mistakes, confusion and frustration on both sides as the task conversation thread becomes a long back and forth trying to achieve the desired outcome. While simple tasks are completed quickly, with ease minimal (if not zero) back & forth required (which saves you time!).

    Try to keep tasks small with ideally 1 simple outcome (1 change, 1 additional, 1 update) to allow your tasks to be completed faster, and require less of your time with back and forth communication to get it right.

How To Manage Larger Projects and the Tasks Involved

When working with Automation Agency you (or someone at your company) are the Project Manager and the various Heroes are just some of your resources with specialised skill sets.

While our team wont log in or work within your project management tools many of our clients do use one to better keep track of what tasks have been done and what still need to be done to achieve their larger project outcomes.

Some project management tools we recommend are...

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