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How To Provide Your FTP Details

For our team to support your site properly we need FTP access to your site.

What exactly are FTP Logins?

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It's a way of allowing us access to your server to upload and download files quickly and easily.

Why do you need FTP Logins?

There will be occasions that we need to troubleshoot a problem, fix a broken site, or get direct access to a file to edit server.

FTP is one of the most reliable ways to do this.

How do I find my FTP Logins?

FTP Logins look similar to:


Username: blah

Password: blahpassword

Port: 21

If you can't find your FTP logins or the ones you have don't work anymore, then reach out to your hosting company and ask them for them (they will know what you're talking about)

Also if we already have access to your Cpanel Logins, often times we can set up our own FTP access

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