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How To Send In A New Automated Email Series Task

If you're looking to have a new automated email sequence/series built, this guide is for you!

What You'll Need To Prepare

  • Copy (aka words) for each step in the email series
     (if you want to hire a copywriter we can refer you to a recommended one)
    Please attach in ONE document all email copy providing for each email the
     - From Name
     - From Email
     - Reply To Email (if different)
     - Subject
     - Body of Email with any words you want linked to a page already linked to where they should go
     - When It Should Be Sent (eg. 2 Days after the previous email at 10am Sydney Time)
     - Any Conditions When This Email Should NOT Be Sent (eg. If they already clicked the link in email 1, skip this email and go straight to email 3)

    Download an example document here

  • Flow Of The Automation (What Triggers It & What Happens When)
    (Hand Drawn Flow Charts, or Basic Explanation are great here)

  • Pages & Files To Link To 
    (If the emails will be linking to landing pages or files, these should be set up and ready to be linked to in the email)

  • Information Storage Requirements
    (Knowing what information you want to store using tags or fields, or what information is already stored and we will be utilising in the emails) Not sure? This helpful cheatsheet can help decide when to use a Tag or a Field - download now

What To Provide Us When Sending The Task

Depending on how complicated and long your email series is, it may require more than 1 task, however below is the information we need to set up a series of automated emails for you.

Set Up New Automated Email Series

Task Type: Automation Task

Ensure your explanation, includes answers to the following:

  1. What Platform Should We Use to Build The Automation? 
    (eg. Ontraport, Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign)

  2. What Is The Desired User -> System Flow? What Triggers The Automation To Start & What If Anything Should Stop The Automation From Continuing?
    (see Explaining a New Automation)

  3. Are There Any Tags You Want Added Or Removed As Part Of This Automation?
    (eg. Tag them as "Customer" we already have an existing tag please use it, or , tag them as "Interest: Marketing" this tag doesn't yet exist please create it)

  4. Do you have an existing template you want us to use for the email style?

        If yes, what's it called or can you show us an example?

        If no, do you have an example style you want? or is a plain text looking email what you want

  5. Are all the emails to have the same style? or are some different?

    (eg. 5 of the 6 emails will use the Company Branding template, but email #3 with the subject "Hey.." should look like a plain text person email)

  6. Are all the emails coming from the same From Name? or do some emails need to be different?
    (eg. all the emails using the company branding should come from "Company Name" "email@domain.com", but the personal looking email should come from "John Smith" "smith@domain.com")

  7. Do you want us to send you a test email for each message? or just send you screenshots of what we've set up?

  8. What timezone do you want the emails/sms's scheduled to go out in? not relevant if you use Ontraport

  9. Should all steps in the Automation happen even on a weekend? or should some steps only occur on specific days or just week days?
    (eg. All emails and sms should only be sent Monday to Friday, nothing should be sent on a Weekend)

  10. Do we need to create any new custom fields, or do all fields we need exist already?
    (eg. we have the plan they are on being stored in the field "Client Plan" so no need to create a new field for this)

  11. Are there any conditions required on any emails in the automation?
    (eg. Don't send email 2 to them if they clicked the link in email 1)

  12. Anything specific we need to know to ensure we do it right and achieve what you're looking for?
    (eg. Make sure you use the same top menu as you find on all our pages, etc...)

Additional Actions and Resources we'll need:

  • Logins
    Remember also to share any and all logins for platforms we'll need to access to complete this task if you haven't previously done so. (eg. Infusionsoft, Ontraport, ActiveCampaign, ClickFunnels, LeadPages, Zapier) see How To Share Your Passwords With LastPass

  • Email/SMS Copy (aka words)
    Please attach in ONE document all email copy with clear separation of messages

  • Images
    Please attach or supply links to any specific photos or images you require us to embed in an email

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