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How To Provide your Hosting CPanel Logins

For our team to support your site properly we need access to your Hosting Control Panel often referred to as "CPanel"

What exactly are CPanel Logins?

Cpanel (aka Control Panel) logins are the logins that your hosting provider usually gave you when you first created your hosting account.

This can be different depending on your hosting company.

For example:

Hosts like Siteground, Bluehost etc.. may provide yourdomain.com/cpanel to manage your site.

Whereas WPEngine (a premium hosting company) doesn't provide typical "Cpanel" but you can provide us access to the my.wpengine.com dashboard which is their equivalent.

Why do you need Cpanel Logins?

There will be occassions that we need to do deeper investigations of your server logs, get direct access to the database that your wordpress site is connected to, or we need to change a setting on your server.

A Hosting Control Panel usually gives us all this access we need, which means we can resolve issues faster, restore your site in an emergency and keep your system secure.

How do I find my Cpanel Logins?

If you find the email you received when you first signed up to your Hosting company you'll usually find logins like


and a username and password.

This is what we need.

If you can't find your logins or the ones you have don't work anymore, then reach out to your hosting company and ask them for them (they should know what you're talking about)

BUT... I'm with WPEngine, I don't have Cpanel...

If you're with WPEngine you can share your logins that you use to access my.wpengine.com

Share either your full access logins via LastPass or create a new user using an email address you own (not our email) that you can then share with our team via LastPass

Once we have a user we can log in to the my.wpengine.com site with we recommend also adding our support email as the technical contact to the installs we are managing.

More details about technical contacts and WPEngine can be found here: https://wpengine.com/support/technical-contacts/

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