There are 2 ways to share a file and/or folder that you have saved in your Dropbox account.

Using a Share Link (URL)

Sharing a file directly out of your dropbox means any changes to the file that you make, will mean that the Heroes accessing your file will also see these new changes you make.

Automation Agency doesn't have a Dropbox account of our own, so we are unable to accept shared files or folders sent to us using the "Share" feature.

We can however access files and folders that you provide a "Dropbox Link" as these don't require a Dropbox account to access.

You can learn how to create a Share Link from this article on the Dropbox Support Site.

Uploading via Web Portal

From the web portal when requesting a new task or when replying on a task conversation you can add Attachments from Dropbox.

Using this feature will Upload a copy of the file from your Dropbox to our servers and send it through with the task.

Please note, any changes made to the file in your dropbox on your side after uploading it won't be duplicated to the file on our servers.

If you want changes made to the file to be accessible, then use the Share Link (URL) method above.