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What happens if my task takes longer than 1 hour?

If we're talking 1hr and 5 minutes, then we're reasonable and will complete that all as part of the same task.

Otherwise in these situations we'll simply create additional tasks to allow for us to complete the outcome for you.

Keep in mind that if we do split a task to continue it, that the new task while it may be a continuation of the previous task, will be treated internally as a completely new task request in terms of priority of assigning and estimated turnaround times.

Generally we try to catch tasks sent in that we believe are out of scope and will take longer during the initial task review phase so we can communicate this to you and set your expectations early that it's actually multiple tasks. We don't always catch them early every time but we will definitely keep you informed once we realise. 

One of the biggest causes of a task taking longer than 1 hour, is when we receive feedback on an existing task with additional changes and requests that weren't part of the original task request. Keep in mind when something is truly feedback on what we've done, vs a new request.

If you'd like to learn more about how to break your projects into tasks, see our training on Breaking Your Project Into Tasks

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