Your Concierge Plan allows you to add WordPress site/s to your account which as part of our service is onboarded on our back up and management system for daily updates and security.

Option 1: Ask us to do it

At any time you can reach out to our friendly Customer Service team to have us add the site for you.

Option 2: Do it yourself from web portal

Even faster and easier, you can get the "add site" request submitted from the portal.

Here's how...

1. Log in to the Portal

2. Click the " Settings"  menu


3. If you are logged in as a user with permission to edit account settings you'll see a button "Add a Site"

4. Once you click on the "Add a Site" a form shows up allowing you to put all the necessary details like your Website URL and CPaneL logins.

After you've filled our the form and reviewed all the information you've entered, Click on "Add Site" button and it would create a task for our Onboarding team to get the site added to your account. 

Our Onboarding team will then review it and communicate with you through the Onboarding task created.


Your Concierge Plan would come with a site allowance, that just means these sites come in with the monthly plan payment. While when you have reached the allowed limit, a message of "please contact our support team" would pop-up whenever you click on "Add a Site". You can always just reach out to our Friendly Customer Service team.

P.S Should you encounter any errors while going through the process, kindly report to the Customer Service team.