You can change your plan at any time. 

Upgrading from a lower plan to a higher plan, or changing from monthly to annual payment.

Option 1: Ask us to do it

At any time you can reach out to our friendly Customer Service team to have us process the plan change for you.

Option 2: Do it yourself from web portal

Even faster and easier, you can make the plan change immediately yourself from your web portal login.

Here's how...

1. Log in to the Portal

2. Click the " Settings"  menu


3. If you are logged in as a user with permission to edit account settings you'll see a button "Update Plan"

4. Once you click on the "Update Plan" the screen updates allowing you to select a new plan from the dropdown.

5. Once you have selected the new plan and reviewed the changes that this new plan will apply to your account. Simply click on "Update Plan" to save the changes and apply the plan change.


Plan upgrades are processed immediately and charged a prorated upgrade amount based on where you are in your current billing period.

Plan downgrades are applied at the start of your next billing period once your current prepaid billing period on the old plan has finished.

P.S Should you encounter any errors while going through the process, kindly report to the Customer Service team.