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Changing Who Receipts Are Emailed To

When you first sign up the email address provided at sign up is where all invoices and receipts are sent by default.

However if you have a dedicated accounts department, or a bookkeeper who you would prefer receive your receipts you can update this in the system from your web portal logins.

Step 1. Log in to the Web Portal

Step 2. Click on Settings from the left navigation menu

Step 3. The section that shows Postal Address etc.. click on Edit Details

Step 4. in the field called "Billing Email" enter the email address you want future receipts emailed to

Q: Can I send receipts and invoices to more than one email address?

A: Unfortunately the way our underlying billing system works this isn't something we can easily make possible. If you have a need for more than one person to receive these emails our recommendation is to either...

  • a) Set your billing email to a shared inbox that is accessible by multiple people. eg. accounts@yourdomain.com
  • b) Set up forwarding on your mail client to send copies of emails from Automation Agency Billing to other email addresses. For instance, Gmail/GSuite will allow you to do this by following these directions.

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