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Can Automation Agency upload my Videos to Youtube/Vimeo/AmazonS3?

We'd love to say yes, but there's a couple of reasons why we don't upload videos on behalf of our clients...

  1. Your Internet Is Faster!
    As you know our hero team are primarily based in the Philippines, sadly Philippines internet is very very slow when it comes to uploading. So if we had to first download a video from you, then upload it. This would far exceed 1 hr and our scope of what is a Task.

  2. Avoiding Security Risks To You
    Usually your YouTube account it attached to your Google Identity. Which means if we were to upload into your YouTube account we'd have to log in as you, potentially giving us access to your Email, Calendar and anything else you use Google Logins for. This is against our Security and Password policy.

  3. Sticking to our Expertise
    Vimeo is a supported platform so we can grab video once it's uploaded no problem but AmazonS3 is not one of our Supported Platforms, it generally requires expertise in understanding how buckets and permissions work. Which our team are not trained in. 

So what can you do?

Upload the video yourself and send us the details to embed it on the page(s) you need :)

You can always supply us an Embed Code or link to a YouTube or Vimeo hosted video, and we can then embed it into your webpage as required.

If you're working with AmazonS3, you can provide us with the Publicly accessible file and we can link it with a Video Player capable of playing AmazonS3 hosted videos.

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