Business is rarely a one man sport. Chances are you have a marketing assistant or even a 3rd party consultant who you want to be communicating with our team as well or more than yourself.

Here's how to add new requestors to your account.

Step 1. Log in to Web Portal

Step 2. Click on Settings

Step 3. Click on the Invite Requestor Button

Step 4. Provide details on who you are inviting

Step 5. The invited requestor will receive an email with an activation link to click and set their password.

Once activated, they can log in to the web portal

Known Issues:

If the requestor you are inviting is already a requestor on another companies account then they won't be able to accept your invitation. You will need to use a unique email address for them (maybe even a free gmail that you create just for this) that doesn't yet have any association with an Automation Agency account to invite them to be a requestor.