Automation Agency services clients across multiple countries and multiple timezones. To do that it's essential that it's clear the hours that we operate so you can check them in your timezone.

Do You Work Weekends?

No, Saturday and Sunday's we aren't officially open. There are times that some of our Heroes have been known to jump in and help out on a weekend but it's not something you should expect.

Are You Working 24 Hours A Day?

You can send in your tasks 24x7 and we'll get them in our system. 

However your Hero and Dispatch Teams are a 14 hours a day operation and not 24 hours a day.

24 hours a day is something we are constantly looking at and will likely work towards offering this in the future.

Are you Closed for Public Holidays?

We are officially closed on the following days every year:

  • Christmas Eve - December 24
  • Chrismas Day - December 25
  • Boxing Day - December 26
  • New Years Eve - December 31
  • New Years Day - January 1

Any other closures for holidays or other reasons you will be given prior notice via email.

Otherwise you can assume we are operating our standard hours.

What Hours Are Standard Hours?

Standard hours are Monday to Friday between 10am through to 2am (the following day) 

Sydney, Australia Timezone (See in your timezone

These cover the key times that most clients need us across multiple time zones for United States, Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom.