Automation Agency's design services is not designed to be a complete replacement for a freelance graphic designer or branding consultants who are best suited to work on your designs that you have a specific requirement to meet and will most likely have lots of back and forth and revisions required to achieve your desired outcome (ie new company logos and branding).

Our teams Design Tasks are designed perfect for those little jobs that consistently come up as part of your online marketing efforts such as Facebook Ad images, Blog Post Feature Images, Lead Magnets, 3D covers, Social media posts, Social Media Branding, Images to use on your website etc...

To ensure it's clear for everyone involved we have the following revisions policy on Design Tasks.

A Design task can have up to 2 Major Revisions and up to 3 Minor Revisions before changes will constitute a new task request.

What are Major Revisions?

- re-design (start from scratch)

- change spec / resize

- re-layout

- add/change images

What are Minor Revisions?

- minor change text attributes: color, size, style, font

- additional lines of text that don't require a complete re-layout to add