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Technical Task Examples

Technical tasks are only for tools on our Supported Platforms List that can typically be completed within 1 hour.

Examples include...

  • Creating a Lead Capture Form - Needing to capture leads on a landing page, or your website and send it through to your Email Marketing platform, or just want to receive an email notification. We can build you a form easily.

  • Email Automation - Written an email series like (Immediately send this, 2 days later send this, 7 days later do this) and want this to go to the people you captured in that lead capture form? We can do that. Follow these instructions on how to provide info on this.

  • Update an Image On Your Website - Want to change an image on your website? Changed the text or colours? Send it through and we'll make the change.

  • Setup a Payment Form - using Stripe, eWay or Paypal to accept payments, we can setup an order form somewhere in your sales funnel or on your website. (You may need an SSL certificate)

  • Setup a Webinar in GotoWebinar - Running a webinar but haven't set one up before? Send through the details and we'll create it for you.

  • Add Testimonials to Your Website - Got some testimonials on LinkedIn or that have come through on email, and want to show them off on your website, send them through and let us know where to put them.

  • Setup a LeadPages Page on your website - Want to put your LeadPages page on your site so its www.yourdomain.com/leadpage instead of the leadpages domain? Let us know which lead page and what you want the url to be and we'll set it up.

  • Facebook, Twitter, Google, Youtube Retargeting Pixels - starting to do retargeting with your PPC advertising campaigns? Be sure to send through the custom audience pixel codes and we'll put these on all the pages of your website

  • Conversion Pixel Tracking Codes - If you're doing PPC advertising, chances are you have a Conversion Tracking pixel that we can place on the page that people see if they successfully "convert" for this campaign. Send through the code and which page to put it on and we'll get it up and running.

  • Build a Simple Opt-In Landing Page using a Visual Page Builder  - Using LeadPages, ClickFunnels, Thrive Architect, Divi or OptimizePress we can build you a simple opt-in or landing page using one of our predefined template structures.

  • Duplicate an Existing Page - Already got a landing page or page structure and want to clone it then make some simple tweaks and changes? Tell us which page to duplicate, and what tweaks to make.

  • Import a CSV Into Your CRM - Have a CSV File and need help importing it into your Email Marketing Tool? Send it through, let us know how to save it, lists, tags, sequences, etc...

  • Setup Custom Domain for Clickfunnels - Want to have a custom domain pointed to your clickfunnels, instead of yourcompany.clickfunnels.com you want platform.yourdomain.com, send through your DNS logins and Clickfunnels logins and we'll set it up.

And much much more...

If you're not sure if we do it, ask and one of 2 things will happen.

1. If we can do it, we'll get right on it.

2. If we don't do it, we'll let you know and try our best to point you in the right direction.

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