The Browser Buddy is currently in BETA and only available to Concierge PLUS and Concierge PRO plans. If you are on one of these plans and would like to be given early access please contact Customer Service to set up your portal account.

You can send in new task requests quickly and easily from any website with the click of a few buttons in your Browser.


Install the Automation Agency browser buddy Chrome Extension by visiting the chrome store.

1. From any website, click on the Automation Agency Browser Buddy Icon in your toolbar.

2. When the Browser Buddy opens Click on "Create Task"

3. Provide details about your task in the window that opens

a. Select the Task Type

by default Unsure is selected.

b. Provide a 1 sentence summary of the task for the title of the task

c. Explain your task

Be sure to provide clear instructions, and clearly outline any expectations you have.

See our article, Best Ways to Explain Your Task for tips on how to best explain your task

**Super Ninja Time Saving Hint** If the task relates to the page you are on, you can move the Task Request Window around and take screenshots as required and paste them straight into the body of your task.

5. Attach any additional files or resources required

You can also upload files from your Computer, Google Drive or Dropbox

6. Click Send Request